Monitoring Staff Education from Your Desktop


In the training database, the technicians are linked to their facility and supervisor.

Every course provides in-depth training and information for everyone in your department.  The Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy to track and document their education.  Once the desired courses are purchased, we'll register your staff, assign them user names, passwords and supply the information they need to get started learning. We'll set you up to have access to their training records.

Supervisors have access to over 70 reports to document the education of staff.  Many of the reports are available in graphic formats.  Reports can be filtered with key words.  Drill down to create custom reports.   Reports can be downloaded and saved as either MS Word©, Excel© or as a PDF©

Technicians and supervisors can quickly access their training records to check their progress and compliance.

Using the available reports, you have the option to view information in spreadsheet, or graph formats.
With just a click of your mouse, reports can be imported into MS Word.  Save the reports, and quickly email the documents to your compliance department.
Once lessons, and validation review are finished, certificates of completion become available for  download. They can be saved to the hard drive, or printed.

Online Glossary

Each course includes an online glossary to provide explanation of key terms in the lessons.  Some definitions include images to provide a clear understanding of terms.

Use C-STEP programs to educate, train and validate the skills and competency of your staff.  Provide them with the latest content delivered right through your computer.  Give your staff the information they need to excel at their jobs.  Documentation of training is done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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