C-STEP Education Net


Using the Login Screen



Use the Student Login screen to enter the training system.

How you use this screen depends on whether you are registered or not. If your application is using

Windows Authentication, you will not see this screen at all.

•If you are already registered, enter your user name and password, then click the Submit button. Note that you may have different labels depending on how your system is configured.

•If your site allows multiple languages, you may select your preferred language from the available list.

•If you have forgotten your user name or password and if your site is allows this option, enter your email address and click the Email User Name and Password button, you'll soon receive an email the requested information.

•If your site allows open enrollment, then the Register As New Student button will be available. Click on it if you are not yet registered. It will take you to the New Student Login screen.



Retrieving User Name


This option may or may not appear on your version of the Student Login screen. Select the check-box corresponding to this option if you want your user name to pre-populate whenever you come back to this screen. If you are the only one using your computer, you will probably want to check this option to speed up your login process.

Email Username/Password

This option may or may not appear on your version of the Student Login screen. If it does, you may enter your email address and have your username and password emailed to you.



Options Screen



Use the Options screen to access various features of the training system.

•My Courses - Access your personalized training content.

•My Reports - Access information about your personal training status.

•My Information - View or modify your personal information, such as your name, location, and email address.

•Administrator [if authorized] - View and modify students and settings, and configure training content.

•Reporter [if authorized] - View reports across all students and content in the training system.


How to Access

You are shown the Options screen when you login to the training through either the main Login screen or the New Student Login screen.

You can also access this screen by clicking on the Options button whenever it is available in the upper right of the screen.



My Courses Screen


Use the My Courses screen to access the courses and lessons in your training.


You can also use the My Courses screen to see your status in courses and lessons (see the Status Key for details). The courses and lessons shown will depend on your training program. You may also see offline lessons such as books or training classes. If so, the status will be displayed but the lessons will not be enabled.

Depending on site settings, one or more courses may be disabled. This can occur if access to the courses has expired. If this is in error or you want to renew your access, please contact your system administrator, or department manager.

Again depending on site settings, there may be a catalog of courses available from which you can select additional courses.

If available, you may also filter the list of courses and lessons by keyword or completion status.



Click on any lesson to open it. You can only have one lesson open at a time.

Depending on the interface, the lessons will be a tree (where you can click the + by a course to see its lessons), a “nav bar” or accordion (where you click the course and see the lessons underneath), a menu (where you hover over the course to see its lessons), or a table (where all the courses and lessons are already displayed).


To see the description of a course or lesson in the Description field as well as in a “tooltip,” move your mouse pointer over the course or lesson. Note that you may need to collapse some of the course/lesson lists to see the Description field.



If available for your site, you may click on the Catalog button to edit your list of “Open Enrollment” courses to choose which ones you want to make available. See Accessing the Catalog for more details.

Desired Interface

If available for your site, you may select your desired interface from these choices: Menu, NavBar, Table, and Treeview. In each case, you select the course your want and then click on the desired lesson.


Display Options

If available for your site, you may filter your display. If the  symbol is visible, then click it to show the display options. If the  symbol is visible, then you can hide the display options by clicking it. You may filter by either course or lesson information. To filter by completion status, select either the  or  choice and the corresponding status. The choices are _None (no filtering based on status), Alert, Completed/Passed, Critical, Expired, Failed (lesson only), In Progress/Incomplete, and Not Started/Not Attempted/Unknown. In addition or instead of filtering by status, you may filter by keyword. Enter a word or phrase in the box. Any courses/lessons containing the word or phrase in its title or description will be displayed. Click the Refresh button to display the results of your filter(s). Note that the status and keyword filters are cumulative, meaning that only courses/lessons that match both criteria are displayed. If you are filtering by lesson information, any course containing a matching lesson will be displayed. Depending on the settings for your site, the display options may be restored the next time you enter the screen.



My Reports Screen


Use the My Reports screen to view reports on yourself. Available reports include training statistics, progress, completion status, certificates, and more.



To display a report:

1.Choose a report from the drop-down list. If you do not have a list, then your administrator has defaulted to a single report. Reports display right on the screen. See Working with Reports for more details.

2.To restrict the report information to a specific date range, click the calendar graphic beside the start and/or end date as shown below. By default, the end date is set to the today’s date while the start date is set to 30 days in the past. To revert to “All” for the start date or “Today” for the end date, click the “Clear” link.

Note: reports with long date ranges can time out. If that happens, please shorten the date range or get with your system administrator to increase the timeout duration.


An asterisk (*) beside a Report name indicates that the report is not affected by date constraints. Within a report, some data such as status is not affected by date ranges in any case.



3.Click the               button to show the report.



4.Reports that have a Certificate column will display a certificate graphic (             or               or              ) in that column for


completed courses, lessons, or classes. You can click on this graphic to display a Certificate of Completion.

5.Many reports are color-coded by completion status.

6.If there is a + sign in the report, you can click it to “drill down” into lesson or other information. This is shown in the screen capture below.


See Working with Reports for more information.


Exporting to Other Formats


All reports can be exported to Word, Excel, or PDF. See Exporting Reports for more details.

To access the My Reports screen, click the  My Reports button on the Options screen.



Additional help menus are available Online. Click on the               question icon to display the help menu.

Monitoring Staff Education From Your Desktop

In the training database, the technicians are linked to their facility and supervisor.

Every course provides in-depth training and information for everyone in your department.  The Learning Management System, (LMS) makes it easy to track and document their education.  Once the desired courses are purchased, we'll register your staff, assign them user names, passwords and supply the information they need to get started learning. We'll set you up to have access to their training records.

Supervisors have access to over 70 reports to document the education of staff.  Many of the reports are available in graphic formats.  Reports can be filtered with key words.  Drill down to create custom reports.   Reports can be downloaded and saved as either MS Word©, Excel© or as a PDF©

Technicians and supervisors can quickly access their training records, and check their progress.

Using the available reports, you have the option to view information in spreadsheet, or graph formats.
With just a click of your mouse, reports can be imported into MS Word.  Save the reports, and quickly email the documents to your compliance department.
Once lessons, and validation review are finished, certificates of completion become available for  download. They can be saved to the hard drive, or printed.

Online Glossary

Each course includes an online glossary to provide explanation of key terms in the lessons.  Some definitions include images to provide a clear understanding of terms.

Use C-STEP programs to educate, train and validate the skills and competency of your staff.  Provide them with the latest content delivered right through your computer.  Give your staff the information they need to excel at their jobs.  Documentation of training is done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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