Frequently Asked Questions

To make your training experience more enjoyable, here are the most frequently asked questions about using the online training programs.

1.  Why can't I log in?

There could be several reasons for this.

1. You may have closed the browser instead of clicking on the exit button in the Learning Management System (LMS).  If you close the browser instead of exiting the by clicking on the exit button, the LMS still thinks you are logged in. More information about this can be found on the web page "Learning Management". When you attempt to go back in, the LMS will deny you, and a message will appear stating "This student is already logged in from another computer".  Wait 10 minutes, and the system will reset.  After 10 minutes, the system will let you log back in, or contact our customer service for help.


2. If you have forgotten your password, don't worry. On the log-in page at the bottom you can enter your email address and the LMS will email your password to you. More information about this can be found on the web page "Learning Management".


3.  Your subscription may have expired.  Contact customer support and we'll help your renewal.

2.  How do I print my certificate?


After achieving a passing score on the validation exam, and concluding the requirements of the course curriculum return to the Option Menu. Click on the My Reports menu, and once in My Reports, use your mouse to find one of the following reports:

  • Course Information
  • Course/Lesson Information
  • Course Completion

Select one of the reports and press the Display icon to run the report.  Once the report is generated you can press the export button to export the certificate as a Word or PDF document.  More information about this can be found on the web page "Learning Management".



3. I made a mistake with a question, how do I fix it?

Every question in the pre-quiz or validation quiz has a reset button. With drag and drop questions, if you placed an answer on the wrong image, you must press the reset button to remove it.  Note the reset button also rearranges the drop images so be careful.


The questions in the Central Service Review program are intended to prepare a technician for taking the certification exam.  If a hospital wanted to included specific questions more focused on their organization or activities this could be done.  Contact our customer support for more information.


4. Can the questions in the program Central Service Review be customized?

5. Are there any Internet or browser concerns?

To enjoy all functions of the lessons, make sure the computer allows javascript and the cookies are enabled.  These functions allow lesson windows to be displayed.  The programs do not transfer any hospital information.  Please note:  future programs are developed in html 5 code.  Browsers for html 5 are Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


6. I purchased the courses, how do I find them?

After the purchase is complete, a link will appear at the top of the form that will take you to the registration page.  After clicking on this link, a new page will appear and allow you to complete registration.

Once the registration is complete, you can login and start learning.


7. How long is my purchase good for?

Once your purchase is complete, you may access your programs for one year.  With the ever changing advancements in healthcare, we add information to our lessons as required.  We notify our customers when major changes are made.  Visit our website for more information.



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